New Year Resolutions

Happy New year from RiN Photo Studios!

I'm looking forward to a truly exciting year!  Professionally, there are some great weddings coming up this year, some awesome portrait shoots, band shoots, and other photographic opportunities.  I'm also going to be attending some classes and conferences because I LOVE to learn!  Personally, there are a lot of exciting things going on too!  I am going with my family to Disney World for my nephew's birthday, my sister and I have put our family home on the market to try to sell, and, of course, I'm loving being a newly-wed!  

Of course, we all have things we want to improve, so I've made a few new year's resolutions.  1. I want to quit smoking this year.  I've been using the e-cigarettes and it has been going really well so far. :)  2. I want to finally complete the 365 project.  It is a project where I take one self portrait (or selfie) every day for one year.  My third resolution?  Update this blog at least once a month!  I've had so many ideas on what to blog about, but haven't done it yet!  So, my goal is to have at least one blog entry that you will find interesting every month.  

One more thing before I go, be sure you go check out my weddings tab.  I've added 2 new photos of my beautiful niece who was my flower girl at my wedding last summer.  She's the little blonde with the blue background. :)  

Welcome to a new year!