Busy Season Updates

Well, it seems I have not met all of my new years resolutions.  I have meant to keep this blog up to date, but it seems that life has taken over.  This year has been crazy fun though!  I'm knee deep in my busy season shooting weddings and portraits for a variety of clients.  I recently attended Photoshop World Expo and Conference in Las Vegas, NV and let me tell you, it was AMAZING.  Being able to learn from the incredible instructors, meet new people, and of course, pick up some new gear was one of the highlights of my year.  I learned a lot and can't wait to put to use all the things (material and otherwise) I gained on that trip.  

Stay tuned!  I hope to really update more!  :)

New Year Resolutions

Happy New year from RiN Photo Studios!

I'm looking forward to a truly exciting year!  Professionally, there are some great weddings coming up this year, some awesome portrait shoots, band shoots, and other photographic opportunities.  I'm also going to be attending some classes and conferences because I LOVE to learn!  Personally, there are a lot of exciting things going on too!  I am going with my family to Disney World for my nephew's birthday, my sister and I have put our family home on the market to try to sell, and, of course, I'm loving being a newly-wed!  

Of course, we all have things we want to improve, so I've made a few new year's resolutions.  1. I want to quit smoking this year.  I've been using the e-cigarettes and it has been going really well so far. :)  2. I want to finally complete the 365 project.  It is a project where I take one self portrait (or selfie) every day for one year.  My third resolution?  Update this blog at least once a month!  I've had so many ideas on what to blog about, but haven't done it yet!  So, my goal is to have at least one blog entry that you will find interesting every month.  

One more thing before I go, be sure you go check out my weddings tab.  I've added 2 new photos of my beautiful niece who was my flower girl at my wedding last summer.  She's the little blonde with the blue background. :)  

Welcome to a new year! 


Crazy Beautiful Busy

It's been a busy few months, and it's only going to get busier!  

My wedding plans are coming along swimmingly.  My biggest stressor now is really just physically getting done some of the details I have elected to do myself.  It's all going to be worth it though.  

Last weekend we got to share in the happy day that was Sarah and Jose's wedding!  I photographed the whole day, and Eric got his first wedding with us under his belt!  I started editing the photos today, and so far they are looking beautiful.  

So, between my part time product photography job, planning my own wedding, working on Sarah and Jose's photos, I'm a busy lady!  Worry not though, this is how I like it.  I can't stand sitting still, so this is really good for me.  

The next wedding I'm shooting is going to take place the week before my own.  Some people say I'm a glutton for punishment, but really, my work is my joy, so I'm super excited about the summer ahead of me.  

To see Sara and Jose's wedding photos revealed as I edit them, be sure to like RiN Photo Studios on facebook!


Another website update!  I added our pricing packages to the website.  Check it out.  I think the page itself still needs a bit of work, but at least it's there.  

In other news my wedding planning is coming along.  I recieved a box of goodies that I had ordered from Oriental Trading Company for the wedding, and my sister got her box from them of fun little things for the bridal shower.  It's a great website/catalog for little party favors, decorations, etc.  

If you have a moment today, check out our Instagram!  Follow Rinphotostudio on instagram to get to know me a little more as a person.  

As always, keep creating memories!


It's been a fantastic year so far!  There is so much going on for RiN Photo Studios as a company, and for me personally.  I'll start with the business side of things.

1.  We participated in our first bridal show at the "Classic Bridal Show" put on by Star 105.5 at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake, IL.  We got to meet with many brides and their entourages, took some fun photos at our photo booth set up, and even gave away some prizes!  It is certainly something we are looking forward to doing again next year.  

2.  We have added staff!  This is truly a family company now.  My sister has always been my unofficial marketing manager, and she is fantastic at that role, but now she is joining us in a more official capacity both as marketing manager as well as photo booth staffer.  My brother-in-law has been hired as well as our official videographer!  

3. NEW services! That being said, we have added new services to our menu!  We now have a staffed photo booth available for events as well as wedding videography.  This is super exciting news for us, as we get to become one-stop-shopping for all photo/video needs for weddings.  I can't wait until we have example video and fun photo booth photos to post to the website!  Keep checking back, because those will be available soon.

4. BLOG.  THIS blog is new!  Obviously this is my first entry, but I hope to update it at least once a week or so.  I want to keep it to keep all of my clients (past, present and future) up to date on the latest happenings both in the business, my life, and my family's lives.  We are a very small, very personal company, and this is one more way I can reflect that here on the web.   

And now on to the personal side of things.  

I'm planning my OWN wedding!  I'm so very excited.  My fellow geeks out there will be thrilled to know that it is going to be a Doctor Who themed wedding complete with life-sized TARDIS.  What is really fun about this all, is that now I get to be on the bride side of things.  I now get a taste of what brides go through and what they think about while planning and even on the day of the wedding.  I always tried to put myself in the bride's shoes before, but now, it's going to be that much more real.  From here on out, I can really think back to my own big day and remember all those things whenever I'm helping my future brides capture their day.  My wedding, like all weddings, will be unique, and I really want the day's personality captured, which is what I always try to do for my clients.  

So far, I think i'm doing pretty well planning.  I have signed contracts for rentals, photographer, and DJ.  I still need to get down to the area where my wedding will be held to meet with the cake baker, caterer and florist.  I have my dress, and shoes, and head piece.  My sister is working hard on getting my shower together coming up next month.  Things are rolling along nicely, and I just keep getting more and more excited by the day....and night.

Does anyone else experience this?  I keep having wedding dreams.  Nothing bad or catastrophic happens in the dreams, in fact most of them are good, or at the very least funny.  But I seem to have at least one dream a week about the wedding.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Hmm....

As always, check out our social media prescences to get even more up to the minute updates on everything RiN Photo Studios!  Keep making memories!  :)